Elaize the Sloth

This is my sloth friend Elaize. She is a wonderful Mum (to Moe), super cuddly and soft, and likes to sit and watch reality shows about cooking, renovating and crafts.

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Antarctic Vortex

Everyone’s a bit cold this weekend. South Australia’s not too bad, but over in the Eastern states it’s a bit chilly, complete with “thundersnow“. I’ve spent the day inside: had a sleep-in, did some laundry, tidied the house, and baked a couple cakes for the boy’s birthday week this week. Tonight we’re heading out for dinner with his family, so hopefully it isn’t too windy and miserable out there! The best thing about wild and “woolly” weather is being able to stay in my comfortable, warm bed, and listen to the wind and rain outside.


Image from Slothilda.

Sad things happened this week.

Few bad and sad things have happened this week.

In my world, someone close to me crashed her car on Wednesday. She’s okay, relatively speaking, but needed surgery on a broken bone last night. So I visited her in hospital this afternoon and will go again tomorrow morning. Hopefully she gets better quickly.  I chose this little sloth (Monster, courtesy of Primatography) to post today, because she is holding a pair of glasses, which reminded me of this person who I treasure so much.



In the wider world, we woke up to the terrible news this morning of the tragic passing of Phil Walsh, coach of the Adelaide Crows AFL team. The boy was particularly affected by his death, as he is quite close to the Club. What a horrible thing to happen.

…Things like this just make you remember how precious life is. It should never be taken for granted.