Comfortable and figure-hugging

Facing the dreadful task of jeans shopping this afternoon. The annual chore of finding new ones is upon me, as I wear them out so quickly ( I wear them almost every day to work).

It’s up there with bikini shopping and boots shopping on my hate list of clothes purchases. And I don’t think I’m alone in this! sloths

Party Party Party!

Last night the boy and I celebrated his birthday with drinks with a lovely bunch of people. It was great to catch up with all of them.

Life is better when you surround yourself with positive people!dreamingsloth

Vaccinations. Injections. Immunisations. Shots. Boo.

Today had three injections, one in each arm and one in my thigh, for three vaccinations to build immunity against six different diseases.

Of course, the injections sucked, and I’m now a bit achey, but it’s for a good reason – going overseas in three weeks! And I did get a lollypop, sooo…

One of the shots was the Flu vaccine, to hopefully prevent against the same thing happening to me as little Norm here…


Banquet Beans

Went out for a midweek Banquet dinner to say farewell to a coworker and friend who is moving back home tomorrow, overseas. So much food! It was all amazing. beans sloths

One year since the best experience of my life

I can’t believe today is one entire year since the best experience of my life to date: meeting, petting and feeding the only sloths in Australia, at Adelaide Zoo. I got to interact with Al G (top), and Miss C (bottom), the oldest sloth in the world. Sadly, Al G passed away earlier this year after contracting an infection, and as such, personal visits like this are no longer allowed at the Zoo. So I was particularly fortunate to be able to have this experience when I did.

Ironically, I was looking after my little cousins this morning, and had to drop them off at the zoo at 11am for a visit with friends. Ahh memories. One day I may get to experience the joy again of being able to interact with these amazing creatures. alg missc