Another day off

Well my boss gets back this week. And I’ve actually got some experiments planned. So I’ll have to show my face a bit more now, after having at least a day off a week for the last three weeks. It’s been good to have some recharging time; I’ve slothed it a little bit, getting some things done in terms of chores and writing, but mostly just taking it easy. The boy’s been a bit jealous. (Sorry honey!) mumandbabysloth


So, I know I’ve been SUPER SLACK with the blog this last month :( Just say it, I was being very SLOTHFUL. A lot, and yet not a lot, has happened!

Now that I’m getting towards the end of my PhD, I’ve been spending days at home here and there writing my thesis and making adjustments to it. I had my third journal article accepted (woot!) and so that basically completes my thesis by publication. Just putting it all together and getting it edited, etc. When I do go into the lab it isn’t for very long days anymore, although I am still doing a little lab work.

The boy and I also booked a tropical holiday for when I finish, in just over a month! Can’t wait! After that… well stay tuned 😉

To make up for my severe sloppiness in posts this month, here’s an adorable lil babeh sloth (Chuck, again, how CUTE is he..!?) from Primatography to keep you all happy. slothlove