Game of Sloths… Series five…

Guess which show is back again! Got up to date last night. By up to date I mean the first episode only. So no spoilers please.

Maybe Game of Thrones would be even more popular if it was full of sloths? But then you would need to watch sloths being killed… every week… in masses…

GOTsloth1 GOTsloth2 GOTsloth3

Many more GoT characters as sloths here!

Hannakin Sloth Prints

I love seeing sloths when I am out and about! It just puts the biggest smile on my face knowing a) that there are people out there after my own heart and b) that sloths are putting a little bit of joy into others’ lives.

Whilst in Melbourne, stumbled upon a little market on Sunday morning. Little stall selling gorgeous archival prints and greeting cards. I spotted a few whimsical sloths among them!

hannakinsuitcase You can get these print from Hannakin’s Shop on Etsy.

From left: I Don’t Mind if we Fly or Fall, Children of the Glade, To the Wind.