Conversations with kids

This is the conversation I just had with my eight-year-old cousin:

Me: “Hello darling, are you having a good evening at Grandma’s?”

Her: “Yes. But, my sister (louder, shouting away from the phone) WHO I’M NOT LISTENING TO, wants me to find a brush for Barbie’s hair, because she is making the wheelchair.”

Okay, so apparently Barbie has lost feeling from the waist down. Well, with those arches, it was bound to happen eventually. Also, Grandma informs me she has to make Ken a waistcoat so he can, quote, “show off his muscles”. I guess he needs them to lift the invalid Barbie?

slothmermaidComic from Wolf Pupy.


Seriously. Best boyfriend ever.

This was my birthday present from my boyfriend (well, part of it, he is also taking me on a long weekend away next month). A sloth for him, and a sloth for me! I didn’t ask for it, I never mentioned anything about it, he just did it off his own bat. And I’m sure he wouldn’t be sleeping on sloths if he wasn’t with me. He just knew that I would love it and wanted to make me happy. He definitely succeeded.

Thank you darling, I love you!


I now pronounce you husband and sloth

Three weddings in three months. Three great parties with a bunch of wonderful people. It’s amazing to witness the love that people have for each other and see how they are willing to declare it in front of everyone, and commit to a lifetime together.

Yesterday’s celebration was held at a vineyard in the Riverland and it was gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing, including Doza! (Our little family is so matchy-matchy here, I love it!)wedding