Polenta cucina

Went out for dinner for the boy’s Mum’s birthday tonight.Highly recommend this place.  A three-course FEAST of polenta, carpaccio, home-made pasta, gnocci, steak, more polenta, Italian donuts and chocolate ricotta gnocci, plus gorgeous Italian wine. It. Was. Amazing. nomnomnom

Slothing with some sloths

I’ve spent at least half the day making Easter chocolates. They look great! 3D hearts in a combination of dark, milk and (pastel-coloured) white chocolate in cute little gift bags. But I only have one mould, so it took me quite a long time unfortunately as I had to wait for each one to set before melting some more chocolate to do the next one, etc.

So now I’ve left the boy to make dinner, and I’m having some well-earned R&R time with Doza and Snorman, watching the Great British Bake Off , blogging, and having a cup of cinnamon tea. bakeoffsloth