Polar Bear Cafe

The anime show Shirokuma Cafe, or Polar Bear Cafe, is about a group of animals who frequent a cafe run by a polar bear. Episode 3 (Part 2) is all about the problems faced by each of the animals, and it features Mr. Sloth! Poor Sloth has to hang from a tree all day, but it makes his arms tingle.


Watch the full episode here:


Mr. Sloth features from 18:45.


Last night Australia beat South Korea 2-1 to win the final of the Asian Cup. It’s the Socceroos’ first major win. Although I made an exception for this match, I don’t really get into soccer… as much as I love slow sloths, soccer just doesn’t do it for me in the pace stakes. Still, I did scout out these shirts from Spread Shirt , which handily also come in green or gold so you can support Australia in their next endeavour! sloth soccer shirt

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