Gardening sloths

Today went and visited Grandma. She got some work done in her garden. I managed to get out of most of it! I also salvaged a hibiscus cut from the bush for my little friend Doza to enjoy in his favourite place above the bed :)hibiscus

Snoozan the Sloth

Snoozan. A shy little sloth, who doesn’t really know how to talk to strangers. But once you befriend her, she can talk your ear off for hours! She loves to watch animated movies with you and her arms are always open for a little hug. Snoozan is made to order, and you can get her from Etsy :)photo 3


Sloth Giclee Print

I don’t know how to feel about this one. The skeleton sloth looks relatively happy. Still, if you’re into that sort of thing, pick it up here on Etsy.threeslothsprintetsy

Hens, chicks, and crickets

Long weekend just gone was a busy one! I haven’t posted at all, apologies…

Saturday was an all-day wine tour for a good friend’s hen’s day.

Sunday night I caught up with my best girl who’s just gotten back from a trip overseas. It was sooo good to see her! Had a HUGE Mexican dinner followed by a churros date at Chocolate Taperia.

Then Monday was Australia Day, and our group all spent the day together having a BBQ lunch, playing backyard cricket (new PB woooo) and having a few drinks whilst listening to the JJJ Hottest 100.

Life is better with friends :)


Locket the baby sloth

“[Locket’s] first moments in life were spent face down on a forest floor…covered in dirt and without his mother to clean him or feed him.”

Locket is one of the success stories of the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, although other baby sloths aren’t so lucky. A first-hand write up on the “best and worst” of 2014 at the Sloth Institute can be read here. I encourage you to please go and check out this article and their website. Sloths aren’t just a cute little face and funny mannerisms. They need our love and support to be around for generations to come.

primatography baby locketImage from