We just bought a bed

Finally, after trying out countless mattresses, we have selected and bought our new bed. Looking forward to having better nights’ sleep and waking up more comfortable. I really do have some sort of “Princess and the Pea” complex!

Anyway, every sloth should have a beautiful comfy place to lay its head.

Now we just need to get it up the stairs… oh….pillows

Unexpected holiday work

Unfortunately, even though I planned to have the whole couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year’s, I had to go in for a big day at work today. My experiment was intended to run into January but it ended up being ready to go this week (and I couldn’t leave it). So procrastinating wasn’t an option… Boo.

9.5 hours later and I finished work, and now have another half day tomorrow. Lame. But next week I’m off for a whole week of relaxment. Yes.

procrastinateslothNorm The Sloth



Yesterday the boy and I had a catch up with some friends, one of which is housesitting this MASSIVE place, with tennis court, pool, etc. So yeah, we took advantage of that.

Had a swim, had some drinks, ate some chips, ordered some food, opened some presents.

The boy got given a selfie stick. Need I say more? Much frivolity was had. Also there was an inflatable flamingo. slothselfieSlothilda Sloth


The day after yesterday

Boxing day today. More family stuff for lunch coming up in a couple hours… not sure how much more food I can take. All part of the season I guess! But with a fridge full of leftovers already it’s too much! Okay. Better drag myself out of this Christmas hangover and go have a shower before it’s time to go…

happyholidays slothildaSlothilda.com


Monster Sloth presents

For Christmas yesterday my Grandma (completely of her own accord) got me this Monster High doll with a little “voodoo” sloth called Needles! Now, I’m a little bit old for dolls, but in this case I can make an exception. (Never too old for stuffed sloths though.)

I’ve posted about this doll a while ago, and you can get it from Amazon.

Now, where to put it…

monsterhigh_sloth monsterhigh_sloth2

Slothmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. I’ve spent the day making salads, cakes, trifles, and now I’m in my sloth Christmas sweater and getting ready to go see family for dinner. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, full of light-looking, finishing off work for the year and having a big lunch with my boss, and getting ready for tomorrow.

Sometimes you need to take a time-out to remember what it’s all about.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of my sloth tree this year, complete with 18 sloths, and topped with Napolean. Only one more sleep until Father Slothmas comes!

slothtreesarah napolean tree

Xena the Sloth

Xena is a little bit unpredictable. She can be quiet one minute and full of beans the next! But you can’t help but love her. :) If you like the look of this little sloth, grab it from Amazon

The name Xena comes from the word “Xenarthra“, the superorder of placental mammals which includes tree sloths as well as their cousins armadillos and anteaters. It means “strange joints”, as the vertebral joints of these animals have extra articulations and are unlike any other mammal (xenarthry).


I know, I know. This sloth is actually called Belt from The Croods. But, well, I like to personalise my sloths with their own unique natures.


New baby sloth at Topeka Zoo, Kansas

On November 20 there was a new arrival at Topeka Zoo in Kansas, USA. A little baby for sloths Jackie and Mocha! See more pics here.

Did you know:

A Hoffmann Sloth like this one (Choloepus hoffmanni) has a gestational period of 11.5 months. This is relatively long compared to other sloth species: the pale-throated three-toed sloth (Bradypus tridactylus) has a gestational period of 4.5 months and the pygmy three-toed sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus) is 6 months. On average, all sloth species give birth to one baby every year.

Babysloth Topeka