The Tao of Sloths

The Tao of Sloth

What would it be like to be a sloth? Human life would be a blur. Sloths seem to embody a central tenet of Taoism “action through non-action” so let’s consider a “Tao of Sloth”:

  • Eat slowly – The sloth’s diet of leaves is hard to digest, their approach is to allow plenty of time
  • Hang out – Sloths save energy by hanging from their claws rather than using their muscles
  • Smile all the time – Sloths are cute and appear to smile though they’re not primates, they’re related to anteaters and armadillos
  • Be kind and others will be kind to you – Three-toed sloths climb down from the safety of the tree canopy to poo on the ground, for the benefit of moths that live in their fur (the moths in turn encourage the growth of beneficial algae)

Post Credit: BBC News

two and three toed sloths

Summer’s almost here!

Today was a good day. We visited a gorgeous baby boy and had a cuddle. We put our Christmas tree up (and the sloth’s tree upstairs, stay tuned). We made an amazing Summer salad (with haloumi, peaches, prosciutto and more) for dinner, and had gingerbread icecream for dessert. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer and Christmas. Except that my tree theme this year is “frosty”. OH! And I have a colour-changing snowflake tree-topper. It’s the best. sloth

Networking and Napping

A day full of seminars today with the School Symposium. Then a dinner meeting with more seminars in the evening. Supervisor was going to come with me tonight but couldn’t make it, so I had to network all on my lonesome. It’s tough! Did a bit of it in Italy at the conference there, so I’ve had quite a bit of practice this year.

Me listening to talks that I just can’t follow:


Old slothy

A bunch of people I went to school with have started a Facebook group for our 10-year reunion next year. Gosh. Feeling very old now. So many people I’d forgotten the names of. And they’re all posting all these old pictures… oh Gawd. Not impressed.