Happy International Sloth Day!!


Sloth International Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU.


“[Sloth International Day] was created … to bring the world of sloths and their forest to the citizens/people as a process of sensibilization towards wildlife. It is important to get to know these species so special, these cryptic and shy beings that inspire us and awaken our tender feelings. There is a lot that sloths can teach us – respect, tenderness, joy, pacific share. Nevertheless, without consideration, in our lack of awareness, we harm them so much and bring their existence in danger of extinction.”


Sloth Showers

My friend had a baby shower this afternoon, for her second little boy due in six weeks. I think if it ever comes time for me to have a lil babe, this would definitely have to be the nursery themenurserysloth

You can get some sloth wall decals here. Also, if you are looking for a great baby shower present, you can’t go past this adorable sloth mobile from Etsy.slothmobile

Sloth Scrawls

For all those times where you wake up and need to quickly jot down an idea, keep one of these Sylvie Sloth jotter notepads next to your bed! Available on Etsy or Amazon from Night Owl Paper Goods.