Hang the sloth out to dry

I was planning on going to Lululemon‘s annual “YogAdelaide” in Botanic Park today, but 33 degrees and raining kinda put me off. Also I had no-one to go with me. #sadsloth. Maybe I’ll have to have a Zumba Party later today.

I woke up early to the sound of rain pouring down outside, and initially was happy (I love the sound of rain whilst lying in bed, who doesn’t?) but then remembered I had two loads worth of washing out on the clothesline. Bugger. So they should be EXTRA clean, right? It’s not raining right now but I’m kidding myself if I can be bothered to go out there in my PJ’s (full disclosure: a romper covered in pink blue and green icy poles), get the washing in and re-hang it inside. Meh. Print

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