Baby goats or baby sloths?

Well for me, it’s a no-brainer, obviously. And one day I will get to meet a baby sloth. However, I got to hold the cutest baby goat today at work. The university put on a “stress less” day (exams are coming up) and I muscled in on the undergrads and got to go in the petting zoo in the first group.

I thought with Taylor Swift’s new album coming out that this was appropriate… BUT if you think it’s going to be the famous Trouble feat. goats, think again…

Big Sloth

Bahhh vom. The boy is making me watch Big Brother because someone he knows was an intruder today. It’s so lame. I used to watch this show, and refused to this year. Don’t know what I ever saw in it.

But… he did make pizza for dinner… so… I ain’t mad.intruder

pizzaslothFrom OMGSlothsinSpace

Hang the sloth out to dry

I was planning on going to Lululemon‘s annual “YogAdelaide” in Botanic Park today, but 33 degrees and raining kinda put me off. Also I had no-one to go with me. #sadsloth. Maybe I’ll have to have a Zumba Party later today.

I woke up early to the sound of rain pouring down outside, and initially was happy (I love the sound of rain whilst lying in bed, who doesn’t?) but then remembered I had two loads worth of washing out on the clothesline. Bugger. So they should be EXTRA clean, right? It’s not raining right now but I’m kidding myself if I can be bothered to go out there in my PJ’s (full disclosure: a romper covered in pink blue and green icy poles), get the washing in and re-hang it inside. Meh. Print

Sunny Saturday

Had a lovely day today. Went out to breakfast this morning and had green eggs and ham! (eggs, spinach and crispy prosciutto.) Then a walk to the beach. Grocery shopping, followed by a trip to the shops to get some clothes on sale. Then home for BBQ dinner.

Started my Christmas shopping this week… two months to go! Eek!

sloth with baby

Rowling along

Started reading JKR’s pseudonym novel (under Robert Galbraith) The Cuckoo’s Calling today. Don’t normally go for crime stories but in this case I can make an exception :)chocslothsHP Trolley Witch with Chocolate Sloths! By S. Watercolour.