A sloth as an adult

Do you ever have those days where you’re like “Shit, I’m such an adult now. When did that happen?” I caught myself thinking about how there aren’t enough hours in a day or days in a week to get stuff done at work, and how I probably shouldn’t have gone to Friday night drinks but kept working for another hour or so, and then taken more work home with me (which, actually, I did do), and I stopped myself RIGHT THERE and I said “No, I need to have a life.” When did I become such a, a… grown up? I still feel so young, but then I listen to Triple J and think what is this crap, I should listen to Double J, but then can’t be bothered getting my digital radio out and OH it’s just so hard. workingsloth

Fangirling Sloth

Oooh mah Gawd… Met my science idol for the second time ever today. The first time I met her (at a conference last year), she was surrounded by a bunch of big-wigs, so I burst into the middle of the circle, said “Hi! Big fan! Read all your papers! Come look at my poster! Bye!”



BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. She DID come look at my poster. AND… today she says “Oh yes! I remember YOU!” WINNING. Anyway, actually got to have a proper sit down meeting with her today to discuss my work, which was great. #nerdlyf

Day off (rhymes with sloth)

Today I’m having what we in the PhD business call a “mental health day”. The last two days have been full-on and didn’t sleep too well last night. Also this morning I went back to the doctor about my broke finger (boo, apparently broken bones take 6 weeks to heal and I’m only 2 weeks in) and so half the day is gone, and I can’t stay later at work because I’m going to Zumba on Wednesday this week (see Monday’s post). So… not worth a one hour commute there and back just for 5 hours or so of work. Although I would LOVE to sloth around all day, going to do some reading and writing for my paper (whoohoo), so it won’t be a complete waste of time. Right… after… I do… my Sudoku…sleepysloth

Case of the Mondays

I am so over today. Spent 9 1/2 hours at work with only a 15 minute lunch break. Didn’t even get home in time for Zumba! Devo sloth! Fortunately the boy has soccer bye this week so I can go Wednesday, yay! But yeah realised halfway through analysing my experiment that I had forgot a crucial step in the protocol… think I managed to salvage it but yeah felt like a bit of an idiot. eatinsides