Sloth on a Bike

Back in Slothsgivings, Buzzfeed challenged its writers/readers to draw a sloth on a bicycle. Just because. Of course. There were some… interesting… illustrations. (View them all here.)slothbikepic

But I think Dark Cycle Clothing has to take the cake for its incredible Sloth on a Bike on a Tshirt. Wowsa.slothshirtbikeI should point out that I DON’T ride a bike. I do have an exercise bike at home, slightly collecting dust, but one of these days I WILL ride it! However I think (even though it’s proverbially wrong) that I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike. I feel like if I tried, I’d fall. So, bully for you if you know/enjoy riding but unfortunately it’s not for me!!


Meetings, work, etc etc…

Big experiments yielding negative results. Meetings that go nowhere and nothing gets decided. Meetings scheduled and cancelled last minute. Wondering why I didn’t stay home today. Would have been more productive.  Meh.slothinterview

Had to Walk the City-to-Bay “Fun” Run cus I’m such a Sloth

I walked 12km today. It was tough, and now I’m quite sore! The City-to-Bay was on and no I didn’t run it but as my friend was giving away a walking entry I decided to give it a go.

Did it in 2 hours too, which wasn’t bad I thought. Not sloth-like at all!

I hate running. A lot. And I never want to get “good” at it because it would mean putting myself through hell just to be able to do it, and why would I want to do something that makes me feel so much absolute shite!?exercisesloth


Footy Prelims

So my team got knocked out of the finals tonight, Port went down to Hawthorn by 3 points. Disappointing, but what a tense match! Boo :( IMG_6783.PNG

Slothy Evolution

More slothy info for you all! Apparently, sloth evolution wasn’t so… well, SLOTHY… after all. More than 50 different sloth species used to exist! Can you imagine!!?? Now there’s only 6 left.

In times past, there was actually a trend towards sloths evolving to be LARGER over a very short period of time, but due to various unknown events in history,  the only sloths that survived to modern day are those that were small and that lived in the trees. Here’s the link to the Journal Article in BMC Evolutionary Biology, or the lay summary of sloth evolution by IFLS, or a short snippet and pics on Buzzfeed.