Pygmy Sloths of Panama


Watch this documentary by biologist Nick Baker on finding a wild three-toed pygmy sloth in the mangroves of Panama. Whilst two-toed and three-toed sloths are fairly abundant in the wild, pygmy sloths (about 40% the size of a normal three-toed sloth) are critically endangered. Only around 100 remain in the wild.

Skip to 39 minutes in for the finding of the pygmy sloth.

The next morning…

I went out with some fabulous friends last night; we had delicious gourmet pizza with a bottle of sav blanc, followed by a bottle of sparkling pinot noir at a cocktail lounge, followed by Midoris and beer at a pub playing a bunch of nineties music. It was such a good time! Great way to finish the week off. I love surrounding myself with people who are amazing company and in turn want my company as well. It’s a wonderful feeling!

This morning, however… it took a while for me to drag myself from under the covers, into the shower, and then I didn’t want to leave the hot shower, and then I took ages getting dressed and having breakfast, and now I’m posting at midday and haven’t even done anything yet. Oh dear. look