A Sloth, Needs a Beard

Went to see The Beards live at Jive in Adelaide last night. 4 albums full of songs about beards! So who wants to start The Sloths? Songs about sloths! All the time! What could be better!?

Here’s a few awesome pics of sloths with beards and beards with sloths. Nice.sloth beard

One month since the best day evah

Sad day today. It’s been a month since the greatest day evah, the day I met sloths for the very first time. It was so very very amazing and I can’t wait til the day I get to be that close to a sloth again! Ahh nostalgia…slothdaywinning 2


The Saturday Advertiser newspaper (yesterday) had a liftout for “The Cutest Animal Pictures of All Time”. No sloth pictures. No good. How can you have a cutest animal lineup without a cute cute CUTE CUTE sloth!!??

Luckily, there was a couple redeeming factors.

I spotted TWO “wild facts” about sloths on separate pages of the liftout. I love that sloths are newsworthy now. About time people start appreciating them! Still, wish there’d been a cute pic I could have gasped over when I saw.

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