Fractured Finger

Owh sheet. Fractured my finger at netball last night. fingerIt’s SORE! Have to keep it buddy-strapped for 3 to 4 weeks. Also is pretty black underneath that bandage. :(

Never broken or fractured any bones before, don’t think I like it very much. Also work is a struggle now trying to wear gloves and use forceps etc.

If there’s an upside, its this. My brother’s response.


HAH! So yeah that means no netball for a month either. Devo. Will just have to find other ways to keep myself fit. Perhaps looking like a sloth could help. exercisesloth


One thought on “Fractured Finger

  1. […] Got mah nails did today, in preparation for my trip away on Sunday. Heading to Sydney for a 3 day conference. Looking forward to it! Anyway, I don’t usually get manicures. In fact I’ve only ever had one before. The main reason I got one (besides wanting to impress science peeps) was because my nails are actually pretty long and nice at the moment on account of the fact that I haven’t had to cut them for netball. […]

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