Saturday Mornings

Sleep in, CHECK. Take a long hot shower, CHECK. Have a coffee and some toast whilst sitting on the couch, CHECK. Spend the next hour surfing the net and watching recorded shows, CHECK. Now to get up and do something in the afternoon…. (if I absolutely have to…)IMG_6470

This was the day I met a Sloth, and it was the best day ever.

Words can’t describe how special this experience was. To touch, feed, talk to and be so close to these beautiful animals was simply breath-taking. I feel like a life goal has been fulfilled and can’t wait for the next time I can meet a sloth.

What made it even more special was a) I just met the oldest sloth in captivity IN THE WORLD, Miss C and b) I didn’t know the zoo actually had TWO sloths- I went in expecting one, and got to meet TWO, Miss C (40 years old) and Algae (23), both Hoffman’s two-toed sloths.

I will never forget this. IMG_6627 SandAlgae SandMissC