Brady the Sloth

Brady is Moe’s doting dad. A pale, quiet three-toed sloth, he spends his days fussing over Moe’s wellbeing and generally being a little bit OTT. Single fathers tend to behave like that sometimes. Moe doesn’t mind, he loves his dad and learning all about the sloth life, like how to climb trees properly and forage for food! Brady is a loveable sloth who would look after any sloth that came knocking. If you think he would be a good fit in your family, you can find him here!

The name Brady comes from the genus Bradypus, and family Bradypodidae, of which three-toed sloths are the only members.


brady sloth

Hamish and Andy’s Sleepy Sloth Challenge

Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year this year was spent in South America. Episode 4 sees them jetting off to Costa Rica to visit some sloths and learn about their sleepy ways! Watch the video from 33:53 for the sloth segment.

hamishandandysloth1 hamishandandysloth2After meeting the sloths, the boys got a little sleepy on a special tea… and began their sleepy sloth challenge…

hamishandandysloth5The sleepiness appeared to take a while to wear off! Welcome to the life of a sloth!




Epic Mario Kart Battles

My house is currently the location of an epic Mario Kart 8 battle between me and a bunch of guys. I’m so bad, but then, it’s probably because I drive like a sloth. Also I haven’t got anything more useful than stupid mushroom boosts. More blue shells plz. SlothGamer_illustration

Note: I realise the sloth in this drawing is holding more of what looks like an Xbox controller, no offence to Nintendo intended….

New Bed Clothes

Changed the sheets on my bed today. Lovely warm flannelette. A tan brown colour, in case you were wondering. It is a fabulous thing to have a comfortable, safe, snug place to sleep.

Just maybe, I would sleep even better, if I had Buttercup the sloth adorning my bed! Seriously, if anyone was thinking of a present for me for some reason…

buttercup_the_sloth_queen_duvetInterested? Pick it up at Cafe Press. Buttercup is one of the famous residents of the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.



Eleven Hour Days FTW

Ugh. Totally over work at the moment. So busy! But seem to be getting nowhere! Wish I could just quit my job and go and be a sloth scientist. Then I could spend my days lazing around learning about these amazing creatures with adorable faces.