Parisian Sloths

So I’ve seen a bunch of sloths since being in Paris. One was a toy sitting in the windshield of a bus and the rest are on “train etiquette” billboards at metro stops. This lazy sloth should stand up!



Then we met Cyril the Sloth in Montmarte:CyrilSloth

I take it as a good sign that I am seeing sloths all over the world. Taking over, one city at a time!!


I’m in PARIS! After 24 hours in transit the boy and I have arrived in Europe to start a 4 week (working) holiday. Our first stop is Paris for a few nights. We got to the Louvre this afternoon and ate at a tiny French restaurant (€17.50 for 3 course meal, oui, sil vou plait!!).

Doza slept in my lap the entire journey on the plane. Here he is watching French “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” With his new little backpack, perfect for traveling.

And now, it is time for sleep.


Sloth Emoticons

You know something is getting popular when it gets turned into an emoticon! Facebook Messenger now lets you express yourself in the best way going, as a little green sloth!slothemoticonsAlso I’ve seen this meme circulating for a while now, please tag all your posts with this and see if anyone works it out. 20140314-081409.jpg

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the slothy Mums out there! My mum raised 4 kids pretty much on her own and I can’t thank her enough for the childhood I had.  I love her very much. mothersday


I come from a country town. Everyone knows everyone. For the last 8 years I’ve lived in the city, but still know my way around here like it was yesterday. This is my cat Sandal (with Doza), who I had to leave behind when I came to Adelaide.

Why is she called Sandal? One night I was hanging out at the beach and heard a faint mewing, so waded into the water and rescued this tiny tortoiseshell kitten. I lost my shoe in the process.

She is the most affectionate cat you will ever meet, loves giving kisses and even after all this time has never forgotten who I am. You can keep your “Dogs are man’s best friend”, her loyalty is unparalleled and I always miss her when I go home.

But! I have my sloths! (And, I suppose, a boyfriend too 😉 )

Morning Kisses

Imagine this: you wake up, it’s raining outside, you turn over and, half asleep, receive a tiny kiss from the one you love.

And then you go back to sleep, because you are a sloth.


Snail (or Sloth) Mail

I have a very good and beautiful friend over in the USA for a few years of work. I miss her a lot :( She sends me postcards from all over the country, I get very jealous! Last week I got this cute little letter and sloth sticker present in the mail, which is now on my fridge. Snail (or sloth?) mail is so underrated in these days of immediate communication!