Moe the Sloth

This. This is Moe. He is the cutest, most adorable baby sloth toy you will ever meet. He is the youngest of all my sloths and also the most charming, plus he likes watching Disney movies, so I always have a companion!

Moe is Maori for Sleep.

Edit 09/05/14: So I’ve had Moe since about February, and only just realised his name could also indicate “Slo-Mo”!


This little sloth can be picked up from right here!

On the Bus Home

It’s 5:30, I’ve had a stressful but productive day at work, and I’m now on the bus home. It’s articulated, but still packed! If only I could transit like this:


Getting them while they’re young

My young niece and cousins know all too well my obsession with sloths. Today was a month since my birthday so I packed up my cards that had been sitting out since then, and realised I forgot to post about this card that my 7 year old cousin made for me:

Not sure, but I think that’s a dolphin on top of the winner’s podium. And I may have seen recently on Facebook that she now has a toy sloth of her very own! Talk about having a positive influence!

Go, Sports!

I’ve started playing “competitive” netball for the first time in about 10 years the last two weeks. Having short quarters and having a better level of fitness these days helps, but I still struggle. Also I took a flying leap tonight (necessary when you’re as short as me) and landed on my right side. Put it this way, I’ll never put shit on someone with a pulled groin again. Ouch.

I found this cute motivating sloth from Charly Clements Illustration and he helped get me through! (PS: check out the link for some cute sloth birthday and Xmas cards!)