Perry the Sloth

Meet Perry. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. That’s not Perry, that’s Belt from The Croods 3D Dreamworks movie. And you would be right. But when “Belt” arrived on my doorstep, I didn’t see the stone age hip-hugging sloth that he is in this fantastic movie (you’ve got to check it out, seriously he’s uber cute), I saw my dopey, snoozy, Perry. He was different to Belt. Maybe a cousin, perhaps? He can’t play the drums, and he certainly won’t wield a knife. He is the best sloth for giving hugs because his arms are so long, and he loves to sit and watch soapies with me of an evening. Having said that, you can get Belt here, but make sure you give him lots of hugs too.

The name Perry comes from the word Perezoso, which is Spanish for Sloth. Sloths are found all over the Spanish speaking country of Costa Rica.Perrysloth

And just so you don’t doubt me about how adorable Belt is in The Croods, here’s a short clip:

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