Overwhelmed by Sloths

She calls it being “slothified.” … “There was literally no place in my home or garden where you could go and not see sloths – they were everywhere!”

Last October, Monique Pool got a phone call from The Animal Protection Society of Suriname, reporting that several sloths had been found on a 17-acre plot of land that was to be cleared for a cattle ranch.

Pool, whose home doubles as a sloth sanctuary, went to the area with her team to rescue the animals, but they found more sloths than they expected – nearly 200 of them.

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Mikio the Sloth

Mikio the Sloth is a booty-shaking, bouncy young female, who is outgoing and very very friendly. Mikio likes to take her best girl Slowla out shopping and dancing, and she adores Kip even though he can be a bit of an embarrassment sometimes! Get this adorable Webkinz Plush here.

MIKIO means “Three trees together” in Japanese.

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