Smiley Sloth

Started Monday morning with a trip to the dentist. What a way to begin the week. But, he said my teeth are just lovely, and I didn’t have any cavities! I wish I had teeth as perfect as this sloth:

photogenic sloth

Grandmother Sloth

This week my Grandma celebrated her 76th birthday. To honour her, I sat down and read this book: “Grandmother Sloth; How She Got Her Smile”, available to buy on

Grandmother looked up with a pleasant expression and told JJ and Maria a story about an ancient time when sloths were fast and had no smile.

grandmother sloth

Sloth Cake Decorating

On Saturday I went to the “Ultimate cake Decorating Course” and learned how to make beautiful things out of chocolate! I’m still eating it all. Not mine, but check out this GORGEOUS sloth cake topper below. Coincidence that my initial is S and my boyfriend’s is D? Hmm…



Also, I wish I had this to top ALL my desserts with:

sloth chocolate grinder