Kip the Sloth

Three years ago yesterday a bundle of slothy fun arrived in my mailbox, which went on to be called Kip the Sloth.

Kip is Doza’s best mate. You could say he’s “that” friend. A bit of a bad influence, Kip is very cheeky, can get quite rowdy, and likes to make bad jokes and laugh at them himself. He is always the life of the party, and is usually the one keeping everybody else awake when, as is often the case, it is time for bed.Kip

Kip comes from here originally!


Tonight is my favourite Aunt’s 40th. I’m looking forward to it, not just because she deserves it and it should be a good night, but because I also get to see the rest of my family, some who have to travel and are staying with me.

I love my family. They mean so much to me. We have been through a lot over the years, many good times, but also many bad times. People come and go in your life, and sometimes family members do too. You have to look around you: who loves you? Who will be there unconditionally? THEY are your family. Don’t spend your life worrying and trying to please people who make you feel small or insecure.


Doza the Sloth’s Big Adventure

Deep in the middle of the jungle, way, way up in the tallest tree slept an upside-down three-toed sloth called Doza. Doza always moved very, very slowly, and very, very sleepily. Doza moved, ate, and even talked slowly! He only came out at night-time as he was nocturnal, and slept up to 18 hours a day, with his head between his arms and his feet together.

Doza had long, gray fur that was a little bit green when it rained, as because he didn’t move very much some algae had started to grow on it. Doza also had three sharp claws on each of his hands that he used to cling to the tree upside-down and also to protect himself. 


One night, a jaguar was prowling around the jungle. He walked underneath Doza’s tree, but because Doza’s fur was green because of the algae on it, this camouflaged him so the jaguar couldn’t see him. So the jaguar kept prowling but didn’t hurt Doza.

The next night, Doza decided to go visit his friend Slowla the sloth, in the tree next to his. He had to climb all the way down, down to the ground. It took a very long time. Once on the ground he walked very slowly, as sloths do. Sloths cannot walk on all fours, so Doza used his front arms and claws to pull himself along.

But on the way to Slowla’s tree, the jaguar came back! And this time, the jaguar saw him!

Doza knew he couldn’t climb back up his tree fast enough, so he reached out his long, sharp claws and scratched the jaguar across his nose. The jaguar ran away, and didn’t bother Doza the sloth again.

Doza finally made it to Slowla’s tree, and they had a nice, relaxing nap together.

The End.